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How are We?


786Alhayaa is a non-profit organization in Pakistan with Globally registered Chapters in USA, UK, Australia, & South Africa. Our aim is to help people who are in debt.


786alhaya don't take any donation for peoples.Expressed appreciation of the other’s impact.

Make Big Impact

On our pathway to fundamental peace: Freedom, consciousness and happiness become the key pillars of our evolution.

Unite The Society

Open-heartedness and expressed vulnerability.Being received with warmth, acceptance, and non-judgment.

Our Value

Build the capabilities of individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to help accelerate progress toward enhancing happiness and well-being for all people. We do this through offering a robust toolkit of training programs, transformational experiences, policy forums, round tables, community-building initiatives, and educational resources.

Provide you with access to the latest innovations, initiatives, policies, experiences, research, technology, and tools that are positively changing the way we feel, understand, and act. We do this through our Observatory, Fest events and Awards. We hope you will explore and take advantage of these dimensions of the Foundation.